A Quick Note

Hello everyone. Sorry about another non-chapter post so quickly, but I felt it was necessary to address something. The first review I got on Web Fiction Guide (thank you Oniwasabi) addressed an issue I feel is rather important. As you may have noticed, I was using the term streetwalker for low-level heroes, which is a term for another profession with less than positive connotations. Unfortunately, while I knew of the term, the connection had not crossed my mind at the time of writing. As such I have, at least temporarily, changed all mentions of streetwalker to landwalker. However, I do not quite like the way this term flows. I am requesting anyone who cares to comment to let me know which term you prefer, or if there is another term you believe is more appropriate.

Thank you for your time,
King and Commoner



    1. I agree that land doesn’t work out as well, but now I just don’t think I can type streetwalker without thinking of the other use any more. City walker might work out though.

  1. I like streetwalker partly because of the alliteration for Street Sky and Star walker. I like city walker more than land. Only thing I can think of for now is alley walker

  2. Perhaps something using the word “strider”? waystrider seems a bit too fantasy-ish to my ear, but roadstrider, landstrider, or streetstrider might work. Maybe simply strider.

  3. Thank you everyone who responded. At least for now, I have decided to go with speedwalker for the new term. I considered both city walker and strider as viable options,however city walker does not quite flow with the higher hero tiers, skywalker and starwalker, as well as I would like, and strider is currently the placeholder for the second highest level of villain (the highest lacking a name as very few villains occupy this level).

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