A Little Something

Hey all, there’s no chapter this week. I’m having to adjust to a new sleep cycle for work and my free time’s being eaten up. But I feel like I should give you something, so I’ve posted a little thing below. It’s got nothing to do with Rumor’s Block, its just something I typed up a few weeks ago to get a bug out of my head. I’ll have a new chapter up next week.


His home was dying.

Koma couldn’t run. The great tree had protected his entire nation for decades, but now it was going to end.

They crawled and slithered and bored through the city like an unquenchable fire. The roaring sound of their thousands of legs and the crackling of their teeth forced all thought from his mind. Their gaping maws glowed with heat and hunger, consuming everything in their path.

Koma tried to turn tried to flee, but such thoughts were incinerated as soon as they grew. His neighbors were crying out to him, begging for his aid. He heard their screams as the unending torrent reached them. He could feel their agony in his bones as they clawed at their own eyes to stop the burning.

Their roar grew as the infection neared him. It filled him, drew his thoughts towards their onslaught. There was nowhere he could go. The tree was everything; when it fell to their wrath, there would be nothing.

Over the cries for aid, a new voice joined. Louder than all the others. Its cry was high, unnatural even. More than any other, he could feel the pain in this voice. His skin burned under its pain, and he began to grasp at it, begging himself to put out a fire that wasn’t there. His own throat grew sore from the scream’s agony, his knees buckled under the weight of its pain. They had reached the owner of the voice, but though it grew quieter it did not stop. He felt a warmth leaking from his ears, and eyes. Koma tried in vain to ease the soreness lurking behind his eyes.

He rubbed and scratched and eventually pulled to find the source of the burning pain. The scream was almost silent and he triumphed at finding the cause of his pain.

Koma drove his hand into his empty eye socket.


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