Chapter 92: Drive

Allspades’ fist slammed into the mercenary’s chest, hard enough to cause a sharp crack to pierce through the sounds of the others shouting.

Normally, he would have been sent flying by the punch, but Allspades reached out and grabbed his leg before he could. Allspades twisted, bringing the barely conscious mercenary over his shoulder and tossing him at another enemy.

The two collapsed in a twisted mass, but Allspades didn’t check on his work. He stood still and let the blow from a third mercenary’s rifle slam into the back of his head. Then he twisted, bringing his elbow around and striking her in the side of her head.

There was another mercenary left, still reloading from the initial salvo they had launched against him, but Allspades ignored him. He walked over to wear he’d dropped his burden and lifted it onto his back. With his other hand he rubbed his shoulder roughly. It was still twinging from when he was buried  under the library.

The last of the mercenaries clicked his second magazine into place and drew a bead on Allspades. His finger reached for the trigger when he started convulsing and dropped to the ground. Unimportant faded into existence behind him and flipped the stun baton closed with his one good hand.

Allspades had only barely managed to keep Unimportant still long enough to put his left arm into a sling before they ran out of Beck Tower and straight into the path of a patrolling Humvee. Unimportant had insisted on getting to Will as fast as they could, and stealing one of the enemy’s cars was definitely the fastest way. He didn’t explain why and Allspades didn’t ask; he didn’t want to trade stories.

But there was still something that bothered him.

“Can I ask a question?”

“we have a car now…go ahead,” he echoed. “i’m driving.”

“Who is this guy?”

Allspades lifted the unconscious man he’d been dragging for the last few blocks by the scruff of his shirt and tossed him into the backseat.

Unimportant waited for Allspades to hop to the other side of the car and get in before answering.

“trump had him looking for something in the tower; Beck moved it to a zeppelin yesterday.”

The car started and Unimportant gunned the engine, pulling the car into a sharp U-turn and speeding away from downtown. Allspades gripped the dashboard in front of him, digging trenches into the surface.

Once Unimportant settled on a speed, Allspades let go of the dashboard. Unimportant had faded more into existence now, though his face remained obscured.

“He managed to tell Trump where it is before I could knock him out. We need him to tell us where he went.”

“Then pull over.” Allspades unconsciously cracked the knuckles on his left hand and his the shadows cast by the car’s frame seemed to grow a little lighter. “I can get him to talk.”

The waves of emotions that had always rolled off Unimportant stopped. “No.”

Allspades frowned.

“I saw how you fought. I can’t trust you right now.”

“Stop that”

Allspades didn’t know when he’d started putting his seatbelt on, but the buckle had been bent in half by his grip.

He could feel Unimportant’s eyes glancing at it before quickly returning to the road.

“Even if you could find out which zeppelin he’s going for, we’ll still need Will if we want to get onboard. So take the chance to calm down, or Will will make you stay behind.”

Allspades gritted his teeth, but managed a nod before Unimportant had to swerve around an overturned car sitting in the middle of the road and made him grip the door grip so tightly it snapped free. He couldn’t see Unimportant raise an eyebrow, but he could feel the wave of humor rolling off of him before it almost instantly calmed down.

“You’re not going to ask?”

“I saw what was left of the library on my way to the Tower. Somebody on Trump’s side wants you dead.”

“He’s close, but it’s so much worse than that, isn’t it?” Paige’s voice echoed in his head.

Allspades just shrugged. “I was probably still stuck there when you went by. I made a beeline for the tower as soon as I shook myself loose.”

A short burst of shock and regret flowed from Unimportant. “Sorry, if I’d known you were there-“

“We wouldn’t know where Trump is now,” Allspades finished. “You did a lot more good not knowing than you would have by helping.”  He tried to stretch the ache in his shoulder out, but it wasn’t leaving.

“I suppose” Unimportant’s voice wavered back towards its echo. Allspades had to fight not to roll his eyes as his emotions started fading back.

“Don’t,” Allspades said. “If I had second guessed myself every time my mission forced me to ignore someone I could have helped, I’d be dead a hundred times over, and so would a lot of people we managed to save. You can be a bleeding heart when there isn’t an army invading our city.”

A wave of uncertainty washed off of Unimportant. “I don’t think I can think like that.”

“Then it’s a good thing wars don’t come very often.”

But Unimportant’s mind was elsewhere. He’d heard gunfire on his way to the tower, and almost immediately discarded the thought of helping. He hadn’t even considered regretting it until now.

“what did i…” he whispered. The echo had returned to Unimportant’s voice.


Unimportant shook the thoughts form his head. “It’s nothing; we should see the Councils Headquarters in a few more minutes.”

Allspades nodded. “Good, the faster we get this guy talking, the faster I can go after Trump.”

Unimportant nodded, only half listening to what Allspades said.

There was a loud pop as Allspades rolled his shoulder. “Finally.”

He paused, and slowly glanced over at Unimportant still driving the car, and then down to his left arm, sitting out of view from the passenger seat.

“Why are you driving when you only have one good arm?”

There was a brief squeak form the backseat. The man had woken up just in time to hear the last comment.

“Because I called it.”

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