Walkers: Categories and Definitions

Walker: Any power user. This includes all of the examples listed below.

Sleepwalker: A dormant power user. Usually has unrealized or untapped physical or mental capabilities. Some Tels can detect their latent potential.

Stroller: A casual Walker. A Stroller does not actively use their powers for heroism or villainy. Most strollers do not have combat capable powers. Those that do will usually serve as a Speedwalker if the need arises.


  • Speedwalkers: Everyday heroes. Their most common enemies include unpowered criminals and Prowlers.
  • Skywalkers: Heroes that take on citywide threats. Most likely will not have time to take on unpowered criminals, Most common enemies are Jaunters, but they will take on higher level threats if they appear locally.
  • Starwalkers: Heroes who commonly take on worldwide threats. They will spend most of their time as Skywalkers but they will travel to world level threats with no hesitation.
  • The Council: A group of Starwalkers formed in 1972. They serve as the primary organizational force of walkers. When world class threats are not present, they spend their time as mentors for younger heroes or keeping an eye on potential  members.


  • Prowlers: Low level villain. Commonly seen as bank robbers or gang enforcers. Class 1-2 Threats.
  • Jaunters: Mid level villain. Often City Wide threats, but may serve as higher level gang members or underlings to more powerful villains. Class 3-4 Threats.
  • Striders: High Level villain. Often attempting to take over countries or build doomsday machines. Unlikely to remain in one city unless they have a vendetta or need a particular resource. Class 5 threats.
  • N/A: World Level Threats. Appear rarely enough that no class is given to describe them all. Class 6 threats.

Power Types(subject to change):

  • Alter: Capable of changing shape, form, or substance. Many myths were built around alters trapped in an alternate shape. Most likely power origin: Supernatural.
  • Gymnast: Capable of extreme and/or precise body control. Rarely capable of becoming a sky or starwalker without additional powers. Not necessarily a result of supernatural or extranormal forces.
  • Mage: Practitioner of arcane arts. Likely learned magic from relative or guardian. Powers vary widely. Most likely origin: Supernatural, Taught by other practitioner.
  • Manip: Capable of altering the environment around them. Most commonly limited to an element or force, but exceptions exist. Most likely power origin: Supernatural synchronization with Nature.
  • Mecher: Use technology and machines to fight. Normally possess super level intelligence. Most likely power origin: Natural intelligence, Accidental synchronization with technology.
  • Runner: Capable of Super Speed. Methods of acceleration vary, but usually a built in ability to withstand sudden deceleration is required. Most likely power origin: Varies but scientific.
  • Slider: Able to move into another plane of existence. Effects vary. Most likely power origin: Exposure to rift radiation.
  • Tank: Incredibly strong and/or durable. Most likely power origin: Varies widely.
  • Tel: Capable of communication, locomotion, or manipulation with their mind. Rarely capable of doing so without line of sight. Most likely power origin: Scientific alteration or bombardment.

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