Chapter 45: Information

Milton Plask

Age: Unknown

Height: 2.4m (Appr. 8 ft)

Weight: Est 136-158kg (300-350lbs)

Race: Unknown (Northern European)

Skin Tone: Caucasian, Pale

Eyes: Pale Blue

Hair: Bald

Last Known Location: Confluence City

Bio: Appeared on Agency radar shortly after the assassination of The Old Guard in relation to the disappearance of The Memetic. An unforeseen power struggle between three rival families led to his sudden rise to power within Confluence. The Memetic’s involvement was suspected but never confirmed.

Plask’s operations include-

Knight skimmed through the rest of the report. Drugs, kidnapping, extortion, grand larceny, vandalism, sabotage, all suspected nothing proven. Plask was, legally, a well to do concerned citizen who just so happened to inherit money and companies from three men who hated each other more than they loved their wives. Knight flipped the page…apparently Plask had no trouble loving their wives for them. He kept reading, but eventually his head got stuck on one sentence.

Plask has thus far eluded all attempts to infiltrate the higher echelons of his operation. As of this writing, thirteen agents were lost, including two teams of Walkers.  

“I wonder if that includes us.

“Probably not.”

A voice came from the front of the care. “You say something back there?”

Knight watched Craig glare at the driver. He managed to do it without turning his head away from the road. Judging by his flinch, the driver found it just as creepy.

The driver was young, probably new, but he didn’t seem nervous about either of his passengers. An old part of Knight’s mind woke up. The driver was short, skinny, and pale, so he either got shoved behind a desk until now, or he wasn’t used to working during the day. His hair was greasy, matted, like he wore a hat most for the day, and Jack spotted the faintest bit of a tan, a thin circle wrapping around his wrist like a string bracelet. He normally wore gloves, and long sleeves. He kept glancing up and to his right, then down along his arm. Knight made a note of the shadow slowly crawling up his sleeve.

He stored that info in the back of his head. He might need it later.

Knight shut the folder. There wasn’t anything he needed to know in there. It just helped to pass the time.

“Craig. The report didn’t say. He still using the same club?”

One of Craig’s eyebrows peeked out from under his sunglasses.

“You really don’t remember do you?”

Knight scoffed. “I try not to think about that night too much. Should I know something?”

“The Meridian Lounge was condemned the day after your…rampage. It would have cost us quite a bit if Plask could prove we were responsible. Luckily, there was no one around to prove we were involved.”

“Funny how witnesses disappear when you’re around.”

Craig adjusted his tie. “It is quite unlucky. However, I believe Plask suffers from the same issue, so it could very well be his fault.”

“Right.” Knight checked the exit sign. They had a ways to go. “So where is he then?”

“I believe he had a new club built on top of the Meridian’s remains. Unless I am mistaken, he calls if Midnight. In fact, from what I understand, the same staff works at both.”

“So it’s in the same spot, with the same people, and a name that’s almost the same.”

“But it is not the same club.”

“Of course not.”

Knight sighed weakly and unbuckled his seatbelt.

The driver looked like he was going to say something, but thought better of it.

Knight laid on his side and closed his eyes.


Rose landed lightly on the roof of the parking garage, carefully steadying the drink carrier in her arms.


Rose glanced at the large red pickup and spotted Barry’s feet on the other side.

“You don’t have to hide, Barry. It’s not like he can see through walls.”

Barry peaked his head out. “We don’t know that. But I’m a bit more worried about why an ex-superhero gets to waltz up to our boss’s boss’s boss’s floor without issue. You don’t think-”

“I doubt he’s a walker, Barry.”

“Well…yeah, but you never know, do you? I mean if you did, then what’s the point of having a secret identity in the first place.”

“Mostly so people don’t use you for coffee runs.”

Barry smiled. “Speaking of…”

Rose glared playfully at her old friend. She sighed and held out one of the coffees to him.

Barry grabbed it and bowed. “Thank you, oh goddess of the earth. Your rich bounty astounds and invigorates me as always.”

Rose fought to not slap him. He deserved it, but they had had a no coffee spilling rule for four years. It would be a terrible time to ruin that. The last war had escalated quickly, and a small part of her still regretted the incident with his dorm room.

“Let’s go before you start another cult.”

“Hey! That was an accident! How else was I supposed to explain those things?”

Rose ignored him and walked into the building. Barry quickly followed behind her.

“So, you’re sure he’s still here?”

Barry nodded. “The express elevator hasn’t come down since.”

The express elevator went between the top ten floors and the first, no exceptions.

“There are a lot of other ways he could leave.”

“None that wouldn’t make him more suspicious than he already is.”

“Fair.” Rose sipped her coffee. “So…I guess we’re waiting down on the first then?”

“I can’t work before 10 anyway, you know that.” Barry grinned.

“Just don’t look suspicious. He could still recognize me.”

Barry nodded and they waited.


Will fought to avoid tapping his foot. Ryan wasn’t a walker, but he was a good friend and had his fingers in more pies than Will wanted to count. Even if he couldn’t get his information here, it was the only place he could figure out where his other contact was.

Ryan strolled out from behind the endless stacks of papers.

“Any luck?”

Ryan shook his head. “Some old files, mostly blacked out. These guys never wrote a report that made it past their boss. And Plask has more red tape around him then any mob boss outside of old comics. I can point you towards Confluence, but I can’t tell you anything about him without making a few calls.”

“No. If they find out I’m looking into it…it could turn out poorly. If that’s all you have here, then that’s all I can go on.”

“Sorry, Will.”

Will waved it off. “It’s about as much as I expected to get on short notice. Any news on the other front?”

Ryan coughed. “Some, but I’m waiting on something. I’ll call you if anything turns up.”

Will nodded. “Thanks.”

He turned to leave, but Ryan stopped him. “Keep an eye out Will, you don’t want to mess with black suits if you can avoid it.”

“I’ll manage. They can’t hate me any more than they already do.”

Ryan smirked and Will walked out the door.

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  1. Typos:
    >>The driver looked like he was goint <>I guess we’re waiting on the firs then?<<
    Not sure what "firs" is. I didn't think "first" made much more sense either.

    Thanks for the chapter! ^_^

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